Student Story: Jocelyn Toma Cruz

Jocelyn student at Embracia Education

Embracia Education Student Jocelyn

We sat down with a former Embracia Education student to talk about her student journey and experience studying with us. Jocelyn agreed to share her story and we couldn’t be prouder of her success since moving to Australia for study.

Jocelyn has a background in healthcare and previously completed her Bachelor of Science (Nursing) in her home country. Jocelyn explains that despite having a university degree, it was still difficult to secure work in the Philippines.

“In 2010, there was an influx of nursing applicants, there was little opportunity in the Philippines, especially for those who just graduated. Because of this, I decided to move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to look for job opportunities. I worked as a sales associate for four years. Although the work is not in the nursing field, it gave me an opportunity to experience service delivery in a foreign country.”

Moving to the UAE was an important step for Jocelyn who describes herself as a passionate and adventurous person. She was able to gain important skills and insight into what living in another country was like. Jocelyn eventually returned home to pursue nursing and secured employment at a hospital in Laguna.

“After I finished my UAE work contract, I went back to the Philippines and pursued my Nursing profession. I worked in Global Care Medical Centre of Bay, one of the leading and technologically advanced hospitals in Laguna. I handled the medical records under the support services department for three years.”

This is when Jocelyn discovered her passion for aged care. She wanted to know more about a professional career in aged care and what health services the elderly needed most. In order to work in the industry, she decided to embark on another overseas adventure.

“When I was working in the hospital in my country, I saw a lot of elderly patients visit the hospital. Seeing them made me remember why I took up nursing. It restored a lot of my drive and passion and made me realise I wanted to learn more about aged care.”

Jocelyn researched aged care in Australia and then contacted an education agent about where to study in Melbourne. Education agents help international students find the right education provider before they move to Australia. Agents are a free service that provide expert knowledge, assist with visa applications and offer advice on the best option for you.

“My agent gave me three providers to choose from, I researched all of them. Embracia Education was my first choice because they have their own facility. I thought that would help a lot with my studies and enhance my skills.  I started the course online in February 2021. I was granted a student visa in April 2022 and arrived in Australia on May 17, 2022.”

After Jocelyn arrived in Australia, she had already completed some learning units online and commenced her placement at an Embracia home. This was the perfect opportunity to apply her new knowledge and get hands on experience. Her Trainer also worked in this Embracia home and provided extra support during the placement.

“The quality of Embracia Education is very good because they have their own homes that further shape your learning. The staff in management, the other carers and especially my assessor were so supportive. You understand the importance of taking care of the elderly.”

Jocelyn graduated from Embracia Education in late 2022 with a Certificate IV in Ageing Support. She looks forward to continuing her studies in aged care and is currently enrolled in a Certificate III in Pathology Collection. If all goes to plan, she hopes to complete a Diploma of Nursing and become an Enrolled Nurse.

“I am looking forward to achieving my goals and I’m very much eager to continue my study in Australia and complete a Diploma in Nursing to become an Enrolled Nurse. My favourite part about working in aged care is when you help residents with tasks or when they want someone to listen to their stories and thoughts to reduce the stress they feel.”

Lilian is our lead educator for aged care courses and had the pleasure of teaching Jocelyn. Lilian also recommended her for a job position at the Embracia Moonee Valley home while she was studying. Lilian continues to support Jocelyn in her studies and career at the Moonee Valley home. She has this to say,

“Despite the challenges of Covid-19, this did not deter Jocelyn as she committed to all her study requirements. I was impressed with her work ethic; she is a very hardworking student. She was doing her course on top of her full-time work in the hospital medical records department. We saw a bright future for her and employed her as an unqualified assistant shortly upon arrival.  She is a valuable staff member and she has proved us right. I advised her to continue with further studies as I can see a great future ahead for her.”

If you are interested in starting a career in aged care, you can find information on the courses we offer here.