Things to consider before studying a course in Aged Care or Childcare

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Embarking on a new career journey and studying to secure your dream job is an exciting endeavour, particularly in the childcare and aged care industry. These dynamic fields offer the chance to make a lasting impact on lives, and selecting the right course is your compass to navigate these growing industries. To make the best choice, it’s important to consider the following insights when selecting your course in aged care or childcare:

Nurture Through Passion and Strengths

Are you naturally inclined toward caregiving and providing unwavering support? Do you radiate empathy, patience, and possess remarkable communication skills? If so, the vocational courses in aged care and childcare could unfold a world of opportunities perfectly aligned with your nature.

Prepare for Industry Demand

As populations age and the significance of early childhood development gains momentum, these sectors stand as beacons of growth. Opting for a course in these fields ensures you step into a realm where your skills are highly sought after.

Trust in Accreditation and Credibility

When selecting your educational path, ensure the chosen vocational course holds accreditation from respected industry bodies. Seek out Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) renowned for delivering top-tier training with strong industry connections in aged care and childcare.

Hands-On Learning for Real-World Skills

Aged care and childcare courses require students to complete practical training. Seek out courses that emphasise exceptional placement opportunities, provide experienced tutors and have positive relationship with providers. Hands on learning not only enriches your learning journey but will be vital to securing a job after study.

Mapping Your Career

In aged care, you could secure roles ranging from a personal care assistant to aged care facility managers. Within childcare, avenues extend to becoming an early education educator, an advocate for early learning, or even an enterprising childcare entrepreneur. Familiarising yourself with these trajectories empowers you to envisage your long-term potential.

The path to Success

By recognising your own strengths, staying attuned to industry shifts, and opting for a reputable training provider, you’re on the path to success. Remember, success is a journey, and embracing new challenges will empower you to seize opportunities and achieve your goals. At Embracia Education our philosophy revolves around empowering individuals to achieve success through tailored learning plans the best practical training on offer. You can find our upcoming Childcare and Aged Care courses at our Courses Page.

Embracia Education: New Industry Partnership with Childcare Centre

Image of newly built childcare centre in Kyneton

Are you interested in a career in childcare? Embracia Education is now offering first-class training in a Certificate III and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Practical experience and hands-on training are essential to pursue a career in childcare, and both of our industry courses require mandatory placement hours in a childcare centre. To meet this demand Embracia Education has forged a unique partnership with Embracia Childcare & Kindergarten, located in picturesque Kyneton in the Macedon Ranges Shire, providing students with an unparalleled opportunity to complete their mandatory placement and secure employment in the industry.

Embracia Difference

One of the standout features of this partnership is the emphasis on practical learning and skills development. Students are immersed in a real childcare environment, working alongside experienced Embracia educators and caregivers.

Embracia Childcare and Kindergarten is a part of the Embracia Victoria family and offers ongoing mentorship and guidance to students, providing them with valuable insights and support as they navigate their career. Unlike most childcare providers, students have the option to work while they study and complete their placement at the childcare.

Embracia Childcare Centre Director Jen had this to say about the partnership,

“I believe in guiding and helping all Educators achieve their goals – trainees will have the unique option to get paid while they study and complete their placement. This is all under the guidance of our Education Leader and Director plus you will have the ability to create the outcomes needed for study while working!”

Our partnership with Embracia Childcare represents a new milestone in our quest to provide comprehensive and immersive learning experiences.

Students can benefit from online and face-to face learning options, guaranteed placement hours, increased employment opportunity and learn from Embracia staff who truly care about each individual student. By undergoing their mandatory placements at this brand-new childcare centre, students gain firsthand experience in a state-of-the-art facility.

Ready to start your career? Look at our upcoming childcare courses!